Here at the Launch Pad, we understand there are numerous script coverage sites out there and personally can recommend several that offer exceptional coverage services. However, what we offer here is coverage on your script from a collection of industry professionals and story analysts whose job it is to track every project that is selling in Hollywood.

Our readers have read for companies like Warner Bros., CAA, DreamWorks, WME, Verve, Universal, and UTA. They are experienced in what works in scripts and what doesn’t. Their experience will provide feedback that helps polish your script so that it is ready for executives or reps to read. In addition to offering in depth script and story breakdowns, we also help compare your ideas and marketability to what is selling in Hollywood right now!

One more added bonus we provide our customers is if you utilize us for coverage and your script receives a “Recommend” grade, we will include it in our Industry Recommends section on The Launch Pad and The Industry web sites, post a notice on our forums and feeds, as well as include it in our social media networks, ensuring that the thousands of industry professionals that are members of our site or follow us will know how great your script is.

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